GRENCASE Caregivers Providing Home Care For The Elderly and Non-formal Early Childhood Intervention Services For Infants. 

Roving Caregivers Programme

Informal, home-based intervention to reach the youngest children

The Roving Caregivers Programme (RCP) is an informal, home-based, intervention programme that is directed primarily at the child, and aims to reach the youngest children (aged from birth to three years) who do not have access to any formal early childhood development services. Typically, these children live in disadvantaged conditions, often in remote rural communities but also in deprived urban environments.


 The Roving Caregivers Programme Mission

To provide non-formal early childhood intervention services in disadvantaged communities for families with children from birth through age three to realize the immediate and long-term benefits of good quality early childhood development experiences.


The Roving Caregivers Programme Vision

To ensure that adequate resources are provided to enable an environment where young children from all social and economic backgrounds have equal opportunities in reaching their maximum potential.

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